Our Services

Developing a hotel brand and concept is a very important aspect in starting up a hotel business as this will have a huge impact to hotel market and business stability in the long term future. We assist hotel owner in creating this brand and concept from market viewpoints and operation one in order to achieve the best business performance.

Technical Services

This service will include in the preparation of hotel FFE up to the standard required, the preparation of policy and procedures, standard operating procedures, human resources selection & placement, and training of hotel personnel up to the opening of the enterprise.

Operation & Management Services

Running a hotel operation is not a simple job. It requires a high commitment from hotel personnel from all level to provide quality service, and we do a management contract in managing a profitable hotel operation in order to ensure that the hotel operation is always up to the highest standard quality and much more profitable for hotel owners.

  • Pre-Opening
  • Operation & Management

Research & Development

Just consult us your current needs; we conduct a research to assist you solving the problems arise. Or If you are satisfied enough with the current hotel operations, you might not know the hidden problems that you are facing which endanger your business for long-term goals. Our two main researches will focus on intern and extern matters impacting directly to hotel business.

  • Operation Development Research
  • Marketing Development Research

Human Capital Training & Development

Hotel business is people business. Investing on people training and development must have a great impact to the performance of the employee which in turn will also impacting to the performance of the organization.  Those who pay a high attention to people training and development will benefit a lot more comparing to those paying less.  People Training & Development is an endless circle for those wanting the sustainability of the business among more and more competitive business environment.

  • Soft Skill Training
  • Hard Skill Training
  • Standard Operating Procedures Training